Reinstatement Cost Assessment

Our Service

When insuring a commercial property, the underwriter almost always requires the value of reinstating the building in the event of catastrophe.  This is commonly referred to as a BRCA, a building reinstatement cost assessment, or simply an RCA (reinstatement cost assessment).

A Reinstatement Cost Assessment typically includes the cost to demolish a building, remove the rubble and build the property back to a state in which it can be used once again.  The RCA’s that our surveyors produce will be in a report format and will assist with achieving sufficient cover whilst limiting excessive premiums.    

Our RCAs are calculated by considering the following of the building’s attributes:

  • Construction Type
  • Size
  • Building Materials
  • The Overall Site
  • Regional Location
  • Listed & Conservation Status
  • Specialist M&E Installations
  • Professional Fees

Whether you require a basic desk-top assessment or a more detailed reinstatement valuation through a site survey, also known as a major review, the building surveyors at Torside Building Consultants can assist.  Bound by the regulations of RICS, our surveyors will provide the most appropriate service required and carry them out as efficiently as possible. Our assessments are created using the current BCIS construction rates so you can be confident our assessments are accurate.  

Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, whether it’s a single property or a full portfolio which require RCAs.