Schedules of Dilapidations

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In most commercial leases, it is the tenant’s responsibility at the end of a Lease to hand back the property in the condition that accords with the requirements of the Lease. The Lease allows the Landlord to issue a schedule of wants of repair and reinstatement that the tenant is obliged to undertake under the terms of the Lease. This is commonly called a Schedule of Dilapidations

Whether acting on behalf of the landlord in compiling and issuing a Schedule of Dilapidations or acting for the Tenant in reducing the impact of a claim, Torside Building Consultants will provide expert advice. Dilapidation services Torside Building Consultants can assist with include:

Acting for Landlord

  • Assessment of dilapidations liability and review
  • Preparation of Interim and Terminal Schedules of Dilapidations.
  • Negotiation of Dilapidation Settlements
  • Monitoring of remedial works

Acting for Tenant

  • Assessment of dilapidations liability
  • Interim and terminal dilapidations defence
  • Negotiation of financial settlement and scope of works if appropriate
  • Strategy advice and implementation
  • Break clause advice
  • Portfolio dilapidations management
  • Schedule of condition (prior to leasing)
  • Tactical defence strategies such as Section 18(1)
  • Jervis v Harris advice

Dilapidations Support

As Chartered Surveyors with extensive knowledge and experience in dilapidations we are able to review a tenant’s lease and any claim made by the landlord to confirm it is a viable and justifiable claim. Prior to the expiry of your lease Torside Building Consultants advises a dilapidations strategy is prepared which includes the potential dilapidations liability. This would assist the occupier with budgeting for lease expiry.

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